Olivia's Swelling Power

Behold a new witch, drunk with power!

It's time for the best costume party of the year! All the coolest students will be there, except for Olivia. The quiet fennec fox who decides to stay in when she realizes her recent college gains have made her too fat to fit into her favorite witch costume. Normally a few safety pins could solve her problems, but Olivia gets a better idea when her roommate Amelia leaves behind her magic staff.

But magic can do a lot more than change a costume. It can change someone's figure in seconds. It could even help Olivia get back at the bully that made fun of her weight. With this newfound power at her fingertips, Olivia is about to have one of the craziest nights of her life!

Weight gain is the main theme, but inflation is also involved.

Credits are properly listed at the end of the story.

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