The Empty Seat

Their magical powers increase with their waistlines!

The Empty Seat is the latest WG-themed story from writer Cerine Hero and illustrator ChocEnd! It contains over 18,000 words and 16 fully colored images across nearly 40 pages. A bonus image from a guest artist is also included!

Hunger pains.

Snug clothes.

Weight gain.

When she's at her wits' end, Cerine discovers the cause of her hungry, pudgy transformation isn't natural: It's mystical. A kindly raven from the Council of Sorceresses takes in the vixen and promises to teach her a strange form of magic, one where power is equal to one's weight! Cerine now finds herself on the road to becoming a full-sized sorceress herself, but someone else already has eyes on filling the council's empty seat, and only one can be the winner...

This story focuses primarily on female WG.

Credits are properly listed at the end of the story.

By purchasing, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older!

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