Weight and Stay Inn (18+)

Complimentary meals are provided... whether you want them or not!

This story is NSFW.

Presenting the latest collaborative story ChocEnd and Cerine Hero!

Weight and Stay Inn is a WG-themed story written by Cerine Hero and illustrated by ChocEnd. It is a NSFW story with 27 pages, 10 images, and almost 10,000 words.

Cerine the vixen books a night at an old inn, but she soon realizes that the inn is haunted! The spirits she encounters don't seem to want to hurt her, but they're more than happy to try and give her as many "complimentary meals" as they can, in the form of countless desserts and other fattening goodies. Can Cerine's waistline survive the night?!

This story is only for audiences 18 and up.

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