Blueberry Beach

Emily the vixen and Celeste the arctic wolf sample a special drink that leaves them feeling blue!

Blueberry Beach is a story created by ChocEnd and someguy7733 of DeviantART.

It contains 18 pages, almost 7,000 words, and 8 large, fully-colored images.

A sequel to the King's Maid: Emily the vixen has worked at her maid job for a while now, and she's raised enough money to take herself and one friend on a vacation to a fantastic beach! However, Emily and her arctic wolf friend Celeste soon learn that this beach is popular for a very unique reason. Once the two girls try a new drink that they've never heard of before, they're both left feeling blue...

Blueberry inflation is the primary theme, although minor weight gain and belly play is also involved.

This story is SFW.

Credits are properly listed at the end of the story.

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